STSH Buys a Bookshelf

I had a bunch of books laying around and taking up space, so I got a bookshelf.

Here are pictures of this bookshelf.

I got it from Salvation Army for five dollars. Thanks Salvation Army. My dresser top is far less cluttered now that I have someplace to keep all those books. I really should get rid of those bottles, I don't even know why I'm keeping them besides me thinking they're pretty. FYI, that map in my dresser top is a fan made map of the Pokemon World's Japan made in '99 when we only knew of Jhoto and Kanto. And yes, I've got a drawing of the Nintendo of America president on my wall.

My bookshelf from the other side. Along with the Atari 5200 i've had for years and haven't mentioned on the internet since 2004. I swear this corner looks so much better and nicer than before this bookshelf. You don't want to see how this looked before.

This picture is probably redundant. Who cares?

Stuff on top of the bookshelf. Here is the awesome picture Maniac drew for me framed up on the left, some pills a tape measure, a mug filled with pens highlighters and markers, some scents I rarely ever wear, a naptha fueled peacock warmer an Altoids tin filled with roleplaying dice, some pills, a Rubiks Cube, and a jar filled with beads for some reason the world will never know.

That box contains Veestah's little Shuckle, Chu-Chu. I'm too afraid he'll get broked or lost outside his box, so in there he stays. The engine on the top photo is Talyllyn from the Talyllyn Railway and the one in the lower photo is Llewelyn from the Vale of Rheidol Railway. I'd have a picture of Stepney from the Bluebell Railway there too but I ran out of glossy paper.

The top shelf of the case. All those Peanuts books were discovered in that writing desk that I ventured into recently. I thought I lost them all forever. They are all from the 50's and 60's. The various original owner's names are still written on the inside cover. The Tamagotchi Egg is a hilarious book written in the late 90s mocking the virtual pet craze by serving as a deliberately useless players guide. Also, some more geeky dice.

The second shelf of the bookshelf. I actually haven't read Mad Cowboy or The Most Noble Diet yet, which is ironic because both were given to me as gifts when I became a vegetarian back in 2003. Oryx and Crake is awesome. That orange Peanuts book is the only one that was actually in my family to begin with and not purchased second hand. On that top lotto ticket I ended up winning a Take 5 Quick Pick, and on the bottom one I won twenty dollars.

Third shelf. Writing manuals, Ovid's Metamorphoses (I especially love the stories about people getting turned into animals for some reason), a book about driving traction engines that I read as research for my writing, RUR (the play that invented the idea of robots), the Book of Runes (lol), and Half Blood Prince, which I just started reading today.

Also on the left are my two Railway Series anthologies, which to my annoyance were dubbed "Thomas the Tank Engine" by the company that published them rather than "The Railway Series". Why would this annoy me? Because in the original books Thomas is actually a relatively minor character who isn't even mentioned in many of the stories, and sometimes is absent from entire books.

Fourth shelf. I didn't mean for this to be a fiction shelf, but there it is.

Fifth and bottom shelf. That copy of Blue Ocean Strategy is signed by Reggie, for those who care enough to know what that means. So, there ya go, my new bookshelf. Why did this post take over an hour and a half to put together? :P I sure learned my lesson about LJ Cuts, from now on I'm doing them myself by manually typing in the HTML for them, the Rich Text LC Cut maker always ruins everything for me. Today I finally have my room clean again, it took several days to re-assemble it after that adventure into the writing desk.

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